Making Money With an Idle Tour Van (Futon Flipping 101)

Ok, below’s a means to increase additional money (fund a document?) and also take advantage of your “band possessions”. In most situations, “band possessions” consist of an attack scenic tour van and also some quantity of cumulative extra time.

Before we come down to company, a fast tale …

Back around the millenium, also known as late 1990’s very early 2000’s, prior to the real-estate bubble went the means of theHindenburg If you had cash and also stayed in Chicago opportunities are you were bought property.

If you were not a significant gamer with a lots of dough, you could have been associated with a strategy called “Flipping Condos”. I make sure that a number of you understand precisely what this is, but also for the purpose of being extensive, this included getting an apartment, residing in it for a really brief time, repairing it up and also offering it for an earnings.

Now, I have actually never ever had an area (yup still an occupant) yet I have actually invested several years rushing to money my songs … taxicab driving, shipment work, and so on

Here’s is a good means to make some additional money keeping that scenic tour van.

1) Go to craigslist.

2) Check out the “Free” area where individuals are handing out things.

3) Try to discover 6 or 7 things that appear like they would certainly offer and also would certainly suit your van.

4) Make a message for those things in the normal area, provide a rate ($ 50 – $150 array) and also consist of words “PROVIDED”.

5) Wait …

6) When you obtain a bite from somebody seeking to purchase among “your” things, quickly speak to the individual supplying it free of charge.

7) Arrange to get the cost-free thing and also provide it to the purchaser.

8) Collect the money.

9) Save it for videotaping/ equipment just!!

This specific company is everything about timing. You obtained ta obtain the cost-free things prior to it goes and also you obtained ta obtain it to the purchaser prior to they transform their mind. It is likewise amazing if you can line these up so you are not being in the van waiting throughout the day.

Hint: When you are speaking with the purchaser, it is frequently excellent to anxiety that you are not mosting likely to deal on this. The cost is the cost and also you take money just.

If you can line a few of these flounder in someday, you can really make a respectable day’s pay. Sometimes it seems like you remain in a strange craigslist computer game. You are mosting likely to satisfy some strange individuals and also you are mosting likely to remain in some strange circumstances, create a track regarding them.

If for one reason or another something does not offer, toss it in the storeroom of your method room (or any place) and also repost it on craigslist following week.

Writing excellent advertisement duplicate on craigslist is likewise one more pleasant ability to have.

What are you awaiting? Throw on a sleeveless tee shirt and also go make some cash!

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And get notified everytime we publish a new exciting job offer!